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Community Guidelines
We support all people, families and caregivers living with rare diseases, this Rare Disease Day and every day

Community Guidelines

Dyne Therapeutics is a clinical-stage muscle disease company focused on advancing innovative life-transforming therapeutics for people living with genetically driven diseases.

Connecting with our community of individuals and families living with serious muscle diseases, current and future employees, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders is very important to us. Our corporate social media channels on X, LinkedIn and Facebook offer an opportunity to engage, and keep our followers informed of our company news.

At times our engagement may seem limited or delayed, but given that we operate in a regulated industry, all of our social media engagement must adhere to the ethical, legal and regulatory standards for the biopharmaceutical industry. As such, we’re sharing our community guidelines for our corporate social channels, which are subject to change.

Community guidelines:

  • Focus the conversation on topics related to Dyne or the communities we serve. Please do not make unsupported accusations or claims, spread misleading information, promote the buying and selling of goods or services or spam.
  • We reserve the right to remove any content posted on our accounts as well as accept, reject, or block users at any time including if they deter from our community’s intent.
  • Respect one another. That means refraining from foul language, disparaging others, or including vulgar images in posts or comments.
  • Protect your privacy. Please do not include confidential or identifying information for you or any other member of the community on Dyne’s social media pages.
  • Due to the unique legal requirements in which we operate, we do not offer medical advice or otherwise engage in a promotion or discussion about specific products or treatment options — ours or other companies. If you are experiencing a medical problem, please consult a health care professional.
  • Patient safety is our priority. If you believe you have experienced a possible side effect related to a Dyne investigational therapeutic, please contact your healthcare provider immediately. You are encouraged to report possible side effects to You may also contact the FDA directly by visiting or calling 1-800-FDA-1088, or contact your local health authority if outside of the U.S. Information shared about a possible side effect may be removed and we may contact you for additional information to comply with regulatory guidelines.


  • Dyne will often provide links or references to other sites as a convenience to users. Dyne claims no responsibility for the accuracy of content.
  • The accounts we follow and interact with are not an indication of our endorsement of these third-party accounts or the content they produce. In addition, any favorites, likes, comments, or shares do not indicate endorsement.
  • In addition to the privacy policy and terms of use of each third-party social media platform, the use of our corporate social properties is governed by Dyne’s Privacy Policy.